Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer most popular topics in the following FAQ's. If you can't find the answer to your question below, please please use the "Submit Your Question" form on this page or contact customer service at 1-866-222-1818.

Kall8 is a fully integrated toll free service that offers a complete set of Online Tools to manage and track calls to your 800 numbers in real time. Whether for your business or family, you can instantly activate and route your toll free number, view calls, and analyze the results of your advertising campaigns by simply logging into your account online. All Kall8 toll free numbers can be programmed to ring anywhere in the world and include a robust set of Features at no additional charge.
With instant online activation, your Kall8 number will be ready to use as soon as the online application is completed. If a paper application is needed, we will process your order within one to two business days.
Yes. Transferring your 800 numbers to Kall8 is easy! All that’s needed is a Kall8 Service Application, a Letter of Agency (LOA) form authorizing Kall8 to provide service for the number, and a copy of a recent phone bill showing that the number belongs to you. Click Here to get started!
Yes. With Kall8, there are no complicated long-term contracts. You may end your service at any time. A $199 number transfer fee applies only if a number was acquired through Kall8 and is transferred to another provider within the first 12 months of service. There is never a charge if you brought the toll free number to Kall8 or if you simply cancel service.
No. There is no need to install a new or separate phone line for your Kall8 number. Your Kall8 number will ring to any number you choose. You also have the option to set the Caller ID to display your Kall8 number and/or use the Call Announcement feature to distinguish calls to your kall8 number from the calls to your regular phone line.
No. Kall8 does not affect your current phone service in any way.
888, 877, and 866 toll free numbers work the same as 800 toll free numbers.
No, unused package minutes do not roll over to the next month. The monthly minutes you get with your package reset each month.
No, calls made outside of the continental 48 states are not included with your package’s minutes.
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package as needed at any time by contacting Kall8 customer service.
Kall8 does not have any minimums or other hidden charges. The amount of each number's one-time setup and monthly fee is clearly listed beside each number in the signup section.
With Kall8, there are no long-term contracts or cancellation penalties. You may end your service at any time. A $199 number transfer fee applies only if a number was acquired through Kall8 and is transferred to another provider within the first 12 months of service. There is never a charge if you brought the toll free number to Kall8 or if you simply cancel service.
Standard regulatory fees as well as federal, state, and local taxes apply. Also, a $10 decline fee will be charged in the event of a credit card decline.
Your monthly invoices are available online. If you require a paper invoice, you can choose to receive them through the mail for a $5 mailed invoice fee.
Your credit card will be charged for the initial setup and first monthly fee upon account activation. Thereafter, you will be charged monthly for any usage incurred during that month's billing period. Customers who would like a credit limit of over $100 a month, will be charged automatically each time the chosen limit amount is reached.
Yes. Kall8 can setup a pre-paid account using a wire transfer or check. When a prepayment is received it may take up to 5 days to clear your bank and be applied to your account. Please be aware that you will be responsible for monitoring your usage and ensuring your account does not go over the prepayment amount provided. If it does, your service may be interrupted until a new payment is made.
As with any toll free service provider, you will be charged for all incoming calls. If you find that you are receiving a large number of misdials or wrong number calls, we recommend taking advantage of our free Call Blocking, or Custom Call Forwarding features . Alternatively, using an 888, 877, or 866 number may prove beneficial as these are newer toll free numbers, and are not as prone to wrong number calls as the regular 800 numbers.
Kall8 only bills for the incoming call to your toll free number. Please check with your cellular service provider regarding your minutes, plan, and terms of service that may have an effect on your cellular bill.
Kall8's Voice Mail and Inbound Fax Service can both be easily activated from the online interface. Simply sign in to your account on the Kall8 website and change your Voice Mail and Fax setting on the Call Forwarding page.
Your message box is preset to allow a personal greeting to be recorded for up to five minutes in length. If you need to record a longer greeting, please contact Customer Service for assistance.
We understand that many customers are uncomfortable recording their own voice mail greetings, and for a nominal charge of $5, one of our staff will record your greeting for you. We will make up to three attempts to record the greeting to your specifications. If we can't get it right after the third attempt we will refund the $5 fee.
Kall8 can upload a .wav file that you have created. Please contact Customer Service for more information.
Kall8 will store up to 999 of your most recent new messages for 30 days time. You can also choose to have your Voice Mail messages emailed to you as an attachment in addition to being stored on the Kall8 website.
In addition to the FREE options of retrieving voice mail messages online or by email, you may also listen to voice mail messages over the phone by using one of the voice mail access numbers.
The recorded calls can be conveniently listened to online through Kall8's web interface, or have a link to each recorded call emailed to you.
The cost for Call Recording depends on whether you choose to have the low volume or high volume call recording plan. The low volume plan is $10 per month and 5¢ per recorded call. The high volume plan is $60 for every block of 3000 call recordings and there is no per call charge.
There are many search options available for listing your call recordings such as the date the call was received, length of the call, or calls made to or from specific numbers. By default, the calls will be listed in chronological order, but can be resorted by any field by simply clicking on the column header of the desired field.
By taking advantage of the sorting options listed above, you may list the calls from a particular phone number if you know the number you would like to hear the call from. Alternatively, you may list the calls by date if you don't know the number that called, but know approximately what time the caller called in. Having this information readily available provides a valuable resource to confirm orders or purchases made.
In most cases, Kall8 receives the number of the calling party and provides the Caller ID, even if the caller has blocked their Caller ID through their service.
Kall8 cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the Caller ID information received from some mobile phone companies as the information provided is not always available, or correct.
Kall8 does not provide legal advice. If you have a question about who needs to be aware that a call is being recorded, and/or proper notification as required by law, you should ask an attorney to be sure you are following the proper procedures
By taking advantage of Kall8's web management tools, you can update where your toll free number ring's to at any time, in real time! Simply sign in to your Kall8 account, and click the "pencil" icon to the right of the number you would like to update. Type the new ring-to number into the field provided, save your settings, and you're done!
Yes. Your Kall8 number can ring to any location world wide. Please see the rate table for International Rates, or contact our Customer Service Team for more information.
By utilizing the Hunt Groups feature you can have your calls follow you anywhere you like - your office, your home, your cell phone, etc. Hunting will begin with the first number in your list and continue through the list in order until the call is answered or each number is attempted once. Another way for your 800 number to follow you is to use the Custom Call Forwarding tool to send your calls to different numbers based on the time of day, day of week, or state that the call originated from.
With Kall8's Virtual PBX feature, you can sound like a large company with customized greetings, interactive menus, and extensions. Direct calls to the right person or department using a push-button menu tree, such as, "Press 'one' for Sales; press 'two' for Service," etc.

Master Logins are the administrative logins that allow the user full access to billing and account holder information as well as all features and settings for all numbers assigned to the account.

Toll Free Number Logins have full access to the features and settings for the 800 numbers assigned to their login, but cannot view the billing or account holder information.

Ring-To Number Logins only allow the user to view the Call Detail for calls to the toll free number that rang to the specific locations (ring-to numbers) assigned to the login. Especially helpful if you have multiple users in different locatioins sharing the same toll free number.

To set up VoIP Termination with Kall8, first complete the normal signup process for your Kall8 number. Once you have a Kall8 account, either call 1.888.321.8554 or email to activate VoIP Termination. Please allow one to three business days for VoIP setup.

Instantly Activate Your Own Toll Free Number

With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.