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Everything else in your life is online, so why not your toll free number too? A virtual PBX takes the landline out of the equation and uses your internet connection to send voice messages.

In addition to improving organizational efficiency, reliability, and easy remote access, this system can also reduce phone systems costs by not requiring expensive and time-consuming phone line installation.

With a hosted PBX, you can enhance your professional image and enjoy the advantages of a complete phone network at a fraction of the cost.

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Sound Big, Spend Little

Professional phone systems aren’t limited to only large businesses – organizations of every size and scale can benefit from better phone systems. Now, you can sound like a large company with customized greetings, interactive menus, and extensions through a Virtual PBX phone system.

Even a one-person office can sound big and have the capabilities of an expensive phone system without making a large investment. Hosted PBX also makes it easy to manage phone lines for multiple employees, even remote workers. Just program extension options to an agent’s preferred number.

Perhaps the best part, however, is the convenience of Virtual PBX. There's absolutely no hardware or software to buy, license, or install.

Virtual PBX allows you to:
  • Improve efficiency by directing callers to the right person or department
  • Have employees at different locations function as one virtual call center
  • Program your hours of operation and set alternate call handling rules for the off hours
  • Save employee time by having pre-recorded answers to commonly asked questions

* A Virtual PBX is limited to 3 menus and 25 extensions. If you require more menus and extensions, please contact customer service at 1-866-222-1818 for special pricing.

Features & Rates


With a toll free Virtual PBX line from Kall8, you can expect added conveniences like:

  • Real-time call detail and secure Web management
  • Customized greetings
  • Multiple menus and sub-menus
  • Numerous extensions
  • "Follow Me" extension hunting
  • Voice mail included with every Virtual PBX and each extension
  • Option to record calls for quality assurance and training
  • Scheduled activation of an alternate Virtual PBX on weekends, holidays, evenings, etc.

We pride ourselves on both high functionality and unmatched affordability. Any Kall8 number can have multiple Virtual PBX systems. Each Virtual PBX is $50 to set up and $25 per month.

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With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

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