Who We Are

In 1993, what is now Kall8 was founded as an enhanced telecom design firm specializing in custom voice and data applications such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, call recording and call record analysis. Over the years, we have grown into a global telecom carrier that continues to offer our own custom enhancements to basic carrier service.

Our innovative services — from customer online control to direct response marketing analysis — were combined to form a single, integrated and comprehensive toll free telephony service, Kall8™, in 1996.

The same visionaries that founded our company remain at the helm, and are as passionate as ever about developing new applications and including the latest technologies and functionality in our service offerings. We offer one of the most stable, and reliable services available, built from the ground up.

  •  We are here to support you
  •  Years of experience
  •  Extremely dedicated
  •  Seasoned executive team

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Why Choose Us

Kall8's seasoned executive team provides the company's strategic vision and focus on achieving and solidifying market leadership, sustained growth, and customer satisfaction.
Our highly-trained, eager support staff is available to help you all day, everyday; 24/7/365. We have also an extensive FAQ section that can help answer your questions.
Kall8 currently serves over 25 thousand happy customers without any outages, delays, or congestion.

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