Enhanced Services - Call Recording

Ever gotten off the phone and wished you had a record of what just happened? With Call Recording from Kall8, you can!

Whether you’re looking to save a conversation to teach new agents how it’s done or pull a record for a dissatisfied customer, this enhanced feature makes it easy to capture calls and arrange them in a manner that makes sense for your needs. All of this makes Call Recording the perfect tool for call center managers or order verification/payment authorization.

Kall8 allows you to record every call or capture a representative sample.

Call Recording Benefits

The ability to record and retrieve your calls has many benefits – you can listen to calls any time you need, and easily replay them as needed.

Uses of Call Recording
  • Monitor and improve customer service
  • Train employees
  • Check the accuracy of order fulfillment
  • Archive recorded orders and credit card authorizations
  • Sustain charges and resolve disputes quickly

Multiple sorting options help you always find the call you need. Sort by date to find recent custom service calls, or sort by the number called to find all calls to a specific department.

Call Sorting Options
  • Date and Time
  • Call Length
  • Caller ID of the calling party
  • Number to which the call was forwarded
Billing Plans

Choose the plan that best fits your call volume.

Volume Monthly Calls Per Block Per Call Charge
Low $10 Unlimited
High $60 per Block 3,000 None

Retrieval & Storage

Reviewing Calls

Review your recorded calls online or have a link sent to you by email. While online, you can add personal notes to the call data. Recorded calls can also be individually downloaded to your computer at no extra charge.

Downloading Calls in Bulk

Download your call recordings in bulk directly to your computer by file transfer protocol (FTP). FTP costs $25 to set up and $5 a month for low volume users. There is no monthly charge for high volume customers.

Call Storage

All call recordings are stored for 30 days. For a nominal fee, additional storage is available. Individual calls can be selected to be stored longer or you can set specific parameters for automatic call storage.

Storage Rates

Affordable storage rates from Kall8.

Number of Stored Calls Monthly
First 100 Stored Calls: $15
Additional Stored Calls: $10 per Block of 500 Calls

Instantly Activate Your Own Toll Free Number

With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

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