Local Phone Numbers

Establish a local presence for your callers with Kall8's local phone numbers.

Local Numbers

Give your business that right-around-the-corner feel by providing your callers with a local number in their own city. Unlike toll free numbers, local numbers can also be dialed from international locations.


Kall8 allows you to avoid this 60¢ charge by blocking calls from payphones.

One Time Setup Fee: $5

Monthly Charge: $5

Per Minute Rates: 5.9¢ cents for calls that ring to numbers in the contiguous United States.

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Transfer a Local Number to Kall8

To transfer a local number to Kall8 from your current provider, please fill out and e-mail or fax back the Letter of Agency form.

Transferring a number can take five to fourteen business days. There is a one time $30 port fee, and a $5 monthly recurring charge thereafter.

Download Letter of Agency Form (Local Number)

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Please Note: Not all local numbers are transferable, and the port fee can vary in some instances.

Please contact customer service at 1-866-222-1818 with inquiries.

Instantly Activate Your Own Toll Free Number

With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

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