Included Services - Virtual Calling Card

Make calls to and from anywhere in the world using your Kall8 number as a Virtual Calling Card.


How it Works

Dial one of three voice mail access numbers and enter your Kall8 number and password. Once logged in, you have the option to check your voice mail, change your greetings, or make outbound calls. Multiple calls can be made during a single session without having to redial the access number.

  •  Activate Virtual Calling Card for some or all of your Kall8 numbers
  •  Block or allow calls to international locations
  •  Use your Kall8 number as your caller ID instead of the number from which you are calling


Calls to locations within the contiguous 48 states, Canada, and the countries listed below are all only 6.9¢ per minute. Check rates to other destinations.

Calls to the below countries are only 6.9¢* per minute!
Australia Hong Kong South Korea
Belgium Ireland Sweden
Chile Luxembourg Switzerland
Czech Republic Netherlands Taiwan
France Norway United Kingdom
Germany Singapore  

*Origination Surcharges apply when calling the toll free access numbers from Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, or pay phones.

Instantly Activate Your Own Toll Free Number

With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

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