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Voice Mail & Fax

Voice Mail is included with every Kall8 number at no additional charge.
    Unified Messaging    Voice Mail Options
Customize your Kall8 mail box to receive voice mail or fax messages.

You may also:
  • Record a personalized voice mail greeting.
  • Specify how many seconds before voice mail answers the call.
  • Limit the length of your callers' messages.

Using Virtual Calling Card, outbound calls can be made from your mail box.

Retrieve your voice mail and fax messages directly from your email, download them from the Kall8 website, or listen to them over the phone. Kall8 will store up to 999 messages for 30 days.

Kall8 also gives you the flexibility to:
  • Choose the file format in which your fax messages
    are sent
  • Receive messages to your email as either an attachment or a link
  • Specify the file size/quality for recorded messages


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