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Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services are additional services that are available through Kall8 for an additional charge.
Number TypesAccount ManagementIncluded FeaturesEnhanced Services
Virtual PBX

Integrate your Kall8 number with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that can contain multiple menus, greetings, and extensions. Kall8’s Customer Service department will work with you to decide on the programming that will best fit your needs, and will record or upload any custom menu greetings needed. Kall8's Virtual PBX is completely hosted by Kall8 so there is no hardware to buy or software to install.

Setup Fee:  $50
Monthly Fee:  $25

Click here for more information about Kall8's Virtual PBX.

Hunt Groups

Distribute your calls between multiple numbers using hunt groups. Choose to distribute your calls evenly amongst a group of numbers or sequentially in a specified number order. Includes an optional greeting to play to your callers before hunting begins, music on hold, and several end of hunt options.

Setup Fee:  $5
Monthly Fee:  $5

Click here for more information about Hunt Groups.

Lead Management

Our lead management system allows you to distribute inbound calls to your clients and easily manage how many and which leads each client receives.

  • Distribute or restrict calls to each client based on the day, time, and/or the area code or state that the call originated from.
  • Set rules for repeat calls and choose for how many days repeat callers will be sent back to the client that answered the original call.
  • Run lead reports showing the amount of leads (calls) delivered to each client and the number of calls missed by each client.
Setup Fee:  $15
Monthly Fee:  $15

Click here for more information about Lead Management.

Call Announcement

Play a brief announcement before your calls are connected. You can customize the announcement to identify which toll free number was dialed, which ad the caller was answering or any similar kind of message you choose. This is especially helpful when using a phone that doesn't display Caller ID, or when multiple 800 numbers ring to the same phone number.

Setup Fee:  $2
Monthly Fee:  $2

Click here for more information about Call Announcement.

Call Recording

Choose to record every call you receive, or use call recording intermittently to only capture representative samples of telephone conversations. There are two pricing plans available for Low and High Volume users.

Monthly Fee - Low Volume Plan:  $10 per month, plus 5¢ per recorded call
Monthly Fee – High Volume Plan:  $60 for each block of 3000 recorded calls, with no per call charge

Initial Greeting: Kall8 provides an optional default greeting of "Thank you for calling. This call may be recorded for quality control.", or you may record your own custom greeting.

Click here for more information about Call Recording.

Address Lookup

Collect the addresses of your callers to use in following up on missed calls, or sending letters to customers who have contacted you. Addresses are not available for cell phones or some unlisted numbers. There is never a charge unless an address is found.

Automatic Address request:  12¢ per address
Set one or all of your Kall8 numbers to automatically look up addresses on every call.

Individual Address request:  50¢ per address
Addresses can be looked up individually without turning on the automatic address lookup. You can
request to look up individual addresses while viewing your call detail on the Kall8 website.

Click here for more information about Address Lookup.

Payphone Blocking

Block your toll free numbers from receiving calls from pay phones. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that the pay phone owners be reimbursed for calls made from their phones. Calls from pay phones to toll free numbers will be charged an additional 60¢ per call if they are not blocked.

One-Time "Per Change" Fee:  $10

Since this setting must be changed manually by our provisioning department, there is a one time fee of $10 every time this setting is changed to either block or allow calls from pay phones.

Click here for more information about Pay Phone Blocking.

VoIP Termination

Receive your calls using VoIP technology. If you own VoIP equipment, Kall8 can modify your toll free number to send your calls using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). You must have your own VoIP equipment in order to use this service. Kall8 does not sell or provide equipment for VoIP Termination.

One-Time Setup Fee:  $25

Click here to learn more about VoIP Termination.

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