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Transfer your Toll Free Number to Kall8

    Transferring your toll free numbers to Kall8 is easy!  Just fill out and fax in the forms listed below.

  • Letter of Agency form (LOA) - Complete the LOA form to authorize Kall8 to provide service for the number.
  • Copy of Phone Bill - Include a copy of your most recent bill showing the toll free number you wish to transfer, your name, and address. (Your current provider requires this information to match the information on the LOA form.)
  • Application - Submit a completed application if you do not already have a Kall8 account.
Already have a Kall8 Account?
To have the transferred number added to your existing Kall8 account, simply write your account number
at the top of the LOA form.


Fax the completed documents to 1-800-760-4583 or 1-206-479-2616.
We will process your request as quickly as possible. Transferring a number can take two to five business days depending on how quickly your current provider releases the number. Your service should not be interrupted during this process. If you need to expedite the transfer, we will attempt to complete it within one business day for a $35 charge. Transferred toll free numbers cost $2 to setup, and $2 a month. Transferred local numbers cost $30 to setup, $5 a month, and could take over a month to port.
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